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FreshLids -Silicone Reusable Lids

$29.95 $14.95

Enjoy 2020, Flat 50% OFF:boom:

Opened your Jar, or Can and now worried about the freshness of the food in it? Not to worry now. Our FreshLids™ -Silicone Reusable Lids will take care of all the freshness of your food in Jars and Cans that you were imagining for. It will also keep your fruits and veggies fresh, as they can also be used as a fruit or veggie covers for the leftover cut pieces. Trust us, this will make your life much easier. It is made up of Food-grade silicone that is non-toxic and is safe to use. It does not get harder after multiple usages and will remain the shape after years-long usage. Get it today, or Gift it to your foodie lovers.


  • Cover your jars and cans to keep your food fresh for a longer time
  • It also fits perfectly on a variety of fruits and vegetables like lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and many more
  • Made with Food-grade Silicone that is safe and non-toxic
  • The cute colors will complement your kitchen shelves or dining tables
  • It comes in four different sizes to fit your requirements
  • Perfect Gift for all the Foodie Lovers.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 4 different size
  • Colors: yellow, purple, red, orange

Package included:

  • 4 pcs x FreshLids™ -Silicone Reusable Lids

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