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Food Sealing Vacuum Pump

$71.95 $49.95

Fresh Sealed Food with Flat 30% OFF :heart_eyes:

Food in the refrigerator only stays fresh for a day or two. It turns stale and decays with time even if it’s placed in the freezer. It’s upsetting to see food getting wasted and you cannot use it again due to air inside that produces bacteria and fungus. Don’t worry! Now you can surely keep your food fresh and safe with our Food Sealing Vacuum Pump.

This Vacuum Pump operates with a single key. It has two modes: Automatic and Dual. A blue light ring is activated when it is switched on. It switches off when the vacuum degree -25kpa due to smart power. The base of the Pump is made from silicone. It completely seals the food packets preventing them from dehydration and freezer burn. It avoids food from getting mixed with water. With the help of the Vacuum Pump, the food is sealed tight shut preventing any contact from air or moisture. This leads to food being fresh for a long time and can be used again. It is available in two sets of vacuum bags for the convenience of the user.
It is the perfect gift for everyone to be used as an essential household item.


  • Avoids stored food from getting stale and freezer-burned
  • The Vacuum Pump keeps the food items fresh for later use for a long time
  • Operates with a single key
  • Moisture-free and fresh-keeping
  • Has two modes: Automatic, Manual
  • Smart power switches off automatically when the vacuum degree reaches -25kpa
  • The base of the pump is made from airtight silicone
  • Food is sealed tight shut preventing any contact from air or moisture
  • Available in two sets
  • A perfect gift for everyone as a useful household appliance


  • Material: Silicone base
  • Size: 40mm (diameter), 160mm (height)
  • Battery capacity: 600 mAh
  • USB charging – Type C
  • Work Noise: Less than 60 dB
  • Inhalation Flow Rate: 3L/min
  • Vacuum Automatic Mode: -25kpa
  • Manual Mode: Less than -50kpa
  • Continuous Vacuum Time: About 1 hour

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Food Sealing Vacuum Pump

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