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FoldIn Nylon Pocket Foldable Shopping Bag

$20.50 $19.95

Our Pledge to Save Marine Life, 30% is on Us :whale:

Remember In some locations, there are 46 times more plastic polythene bags than available food for marine animals. Plastic bags are the major cause of their death. DON’T become one of them by using polythene bags anymore.

Our FoldIn™ Nylon Pocket Foldable Shopping Bag is made with a vision and pledge to save marine life from this brutal killing with a polythene bag. The Nylon Pocket Foldable Bag is Eco-Friendly, and you can use it even 100 times. The value addition point that differentiates our product from others is that it is foldable and can be placed in your pocket with no space. Furthermore, you can also wear this on your wrist with the help of a strong Nylon strip attached. Thus portability, safety, strong material all in one portable folding shopping bag. Hold the bag in your hand or wear it on your shoulder, now it’s your choice.

Let’s pledge by using and giving this Portable Shopping Bag to your loved ones by creating awareness today.

1 FoldIn™ Nylon Pocket Foldable Shopping Bag  = Saving 1000 Marine Lives 

You should Buy this because it’s:

  • Eco-friendly smart solution for saving marine life, and environment
  • Easy to carry and hang-able on shoulders
  • Small and Lightweight can fit in your pocket without further efforts
  • 5L Large capacity to meet your daily shopping goals
  • Versatile usability: Shopping, outdoor, sports, etc.
  • Perfect Gift that will make one happy and save animals and environment


  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 33cm (Height) x 24cm (Width) x 8cm (Breadth)
  • Product Diameter: 10cm
  • Color: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red

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