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Firehouse-Portable and Reusable Campfire

$39.95 $24.95

New Year Flat 38% OFF! :boom:

Do you love camping but hate those smelly & dangerous bonfires and campfires? No need to worry now, as we bring you Firehouse™-Portable and Reusable Campfire. You will love to take it every time with you when you are going camping or hiking. It’s a portable campfire that’s all contained within a tin. The portable Firehouse uses non-toxic recycled soy wax and that means you no more have to deal with the smoky smell, and you can use this portable campfire inside your camp as well. Now double the fun of your camping with our safe and toxic-free firehouse product! It’s a must-have for all the camping, hiking, or bonfire lovers. 


  • Take it to the beach, camping, hiking, in your backyard, or anywhere you want.
  • It can burn for 4 hours and you can use it more than once
  • No embers flying around so you don’t need to worry about ashes burning out your stuff
  • You can easily light it up again even after the rain
  • No need for any cleanup after use.
  • It’s super portable and easy to carry around
  • A perfect gift for all outdoor activity lovers.


  • Size: 10cm x4.5cm
  • Material: Tin
  • Inside material: Soy wax
  • Usage: Reusable

Package includes:

  • 1 x Firehouse™-Portable and Reusable Camp Fire

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