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EasyU -Workplace Rolling Knee-pad

$63.95 $44.95

Only For your Knee Flat 30% OFF Now :construction_worker:

Do you face problems while working on the ground, sometimes it may cause your work suit to starch from knee or get dirty, or you might hurt your knee badly, which will reduce your efficiency and will affect you in long run! Our EasyU™ -Workplace Rolling Knee-pad is specifically designed and engineering for the purpose of agile and safe working for the worker, or DIY geeks who love to engineer new stuff. It is made up of high-quality durable material with easy to move multi-dimensional rollers which provide freedom of moving, and quick secure working. This might be an appreciable GIFT for hardware loving and engineering people or workers who work on ground installations.


  • Knee fitting design to fit on all size knees
  • Lining inside soft and comfortable material for long operations
  • Designed to reduce pressure and weight evenly
  • Easily moveable wheels for 360 coverage
  • Ideal tools for DIY lovers
  • Can be a presentable GIFT for all DIY lovers around you


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 30cm (Length) x 22cm (Width) x 10.5cm (height)
  • Color: Red

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