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DSLR Waterproof Lens Cover

$19.95 $9.95

Get grimy, your lens won’t!!! Trek through a sandstorm or dance in a hurricane or stomp across a bog. This dslr waterproof lens cover is the great way to cover and defend your digital camera lenses!!! It’s designed to match most any DSLR & full frame mirrorless digital camera lens with an airtight water resistant seal, protecting up to elements the most ambitious photographers may endure!!! You may regret freezing your extremities off in a hailstorm just to get that best shot, however you may not regret bringing this lens cap. That we can promise!!!


WATERPROOF: YESS!!! Waterproof! The secure work and exterior coating keeps your lens sealed and guarded from water and wetness. Double informed protection by victimization 2 covers one on the front, another on the rear for a water-proof seal that would stand up to a wave.

SHOCK-GUARD: Clumsy hands? Fumble away!!! Not like plastic lens caps that crack and bust on impact, it helps absorb shock, reducing potential harm once your lens gets bumped or born. Stretch multiple on high of every alternative for final security.

DIRT-PROOF: Because some of the best shots happen in the toughest terrain. The ultra-tight seal prevents dust and fine sand from entering cracks in the lens, perfect for windy days at the dunes or wild nights on the beach.

FITS 99% OF LENSES: It stretches from 60mm to 120mm and can be used as both a front and rear lens cap for ultimate insurance; Stack multiple caps on top of each other for extra protection; Withstands years of heavy use


  1. Fits on all my Sony lenses no matter the size. Also stoked it fits on both ends… I’ve lost most of the back caps for my lenses. I know. Shame on me. I won’t lose you. – Illiana
  1. I love this lens cover!! It fits 3 of my lenses…50mm, 28-70 zoom and 55-200 zoom. Covers and protects really well! Getting ready to order 3 more. Soft but durable rubber really protects! Quick and easy order and delivery!! – Jane Mason
  1. 5.0 out of 5 ****versatile, adaptable and it works!! – Kirmani

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