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Double Side Car Window Shades

$28.50 $19.95

 Double Protection with Flat 30% OFF :sun_with_face:

Research shows more than 30% of children and pets jump out of the car by pushing ordinary sun shades which causes major road accidents. Further ordinary sun shades don’t stick well and fall when the car window is open or closed and doesn’t protect you from burning sun rays during hot summer.   

Storelucca presents Double Side Car Window Shades which is a uniquely designed car shade with two sides to provide maximum protection form Sun and high-end safety. It is made up of mesh material which provides easy window movement. It stays in place and doesn’t allow your pet or child to fall outside when you are driving fast. It is an environment-friendly dual protection shade that will not allow UV rays to pass. A perfect GIFT for your loved ones to have complete safety and protection.


  • Double side protection from Sun during hot summer weather
  • Protects your little child & pet to not fall outside the car when you are driving
  • Keep the car temperature cool inside the car
  • The unique design completely cover the window from both sides
  • Doesn’t allow UV light to pass through the windows
  • Easy to install and can enhance the privacy of your car
  • Your window doesn’t stick with this sunshade thus efficient closing and opening for air to pass through
  • It can be a perfect GIFT for every car owner


  • Material: Double Side Mesh
  • Size: 52cm (width) * 94cm (height)
  • Color: Black

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