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Dogs Teeth Protection Formula

$35.50 $24.95

Your Dogs Healthy Teeth with Flat 30% OFF:dog2:

Maintaining your dog hygiene is important but at the same time, it is a very difficult task. Your dog’s teeth are the most important part of his body that is more likely to be infected with the passage of time. Since like humans they don’t brush their teeth regularly and they can’t tell us their problems. The result being plaque, tartar, discolored deposits on teeth, and a red swollen gum line (called gingivitis), worsening breath, bleeding gums, and ultimately your dog teeth will fall off.

Our advance ‘Dogs teeth Protection Formula’ is specially designed for your dog teeth and will keep them clean and plaque-free. It is simple to use and gives a 100% result. It is designed like a pen-like structure to provide you with ease while using. It has two ends, the white soft end will soften the tartar, plaque and remove it from the teeth. The blue end will protect your dog teeth for a long time and will keep them germ, and plaque-free thus, providing long-lasting results and fresh and healthy smile on your dog’s face. An awesome GIFT for the pet lovers.


  • Protect your dog teeth from plaque, tartar, discolored deposits on teeth, and red swollen gum line (called gingivitis), worsening breath, & bleeding gums
  • It softens the tooth calculus and makes it fall with the advance dental cleaning formula
  • The soft brush pen design is safe for pets and is easy to use
  • Small head tip to reach deep into the mouth of your pet for 100% cleaning
  • Make your pet feel comfortable and hygienic after dental cleaning
  • Help in preventing bad breath of pets
  • Can be an amazing GIFT for your pet to make its life better and comfortable


  • Capacity: 5ml (2 Dog Teeth Protection Pens)

“Ships from US”

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