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DIY Miniature Dollhouse

$71.95 $49.95

Enchanting Fairytale Dollhouses with Flat 30% OFF :princess:

Children are always fascinated by fairytale places displayed in movies. Decorate the interior of your kid’s room and transform it into a place of innocent enchantment and their adorable imagination. Now beautify your room with our DIY Miniature Dollhouse that sparks a feeling of fantasy and makes children happy when they put together the entire decoration piece by themselves.

This DIY Miniature Dollhouse consists of 6 various décor arrangements encased in glass that will complement your furniture. The exciting part is DIY, which means that the user assembles the various décor segments himself and enjoys the finished look of each arrangement. Each arrangement is remarkably designed with the flawless presentation of different settings that look artistically incredible as a room decoration. It has a button at the base that turns on the light and with a simple twist action, the Dollhouse begins to rotate at a gentle slow speed. The light-emitting from the Dollhouse provides a warm cozy effect. It provides a soothing ambiance in the kid’s room, entertains them, and even relaxes them to sleep. It can be placed on the study desk, on side tables, or decorated anywhere in the room.
It is the perfect GIFT for kids who like fairytales and believes them to be magical.


  • DIY decoration pieces
  • Artistic addition to the interior of your room
  • 6 different décor arrangements of the Dollhouse to complement your furniture
  • the children assemble the segments by themselves
  • High-quality finish, a flawless presentation with perfect attention to the tiniest details
  • The button at the bottom lights up the Dollhouse and a quick turn allows it to rotate at a gentle speed
  • Provides a soft soothing ambiance and entertains the children
  • Can be placed at any table or desk
  • A perfect gift for all children


  • Material: Resin, Plastic, Metal, Wood
  • Size: 18 x 18 x 11.5 cm
  • Design: Star Dreams, Forest Fantasy, Corner Café House, Garden Paradise, Circus Theme Park, Cloudy Sky

Package Includes:

  • 1 x DIY Miniature Dollhouse

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