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DentalCare Interdental Brush Set

$42.50 $29.95

Clean Teeth with Flat 30% OFF :grin: 

Teeth cleaning is an important daily job to do, we usually left teeth uncleaned with our normal toothbrush which damages the teeth and weakens the gums, eventually cause gum bleeding, citrus odor breadth, and tooth decay. Having these problems gradually drags into losing teeth in any stage of life.

Our DentalCare™ Interdental Brush Set is a specially equipped brushes set that allow you to clean your teeth completely. Its innovative design makes it possible to reach within teeth gaps and clean the place properly without spending too much time. It keeps your gums protected and provides smooth cleaning of your teeth with 1 holder and 3 brushes set of different sizes. You can also effectively clean bridges, implants, crowns, fixed braces. With our Interdental brush set, there would be no space left in mouth uncleaned. It can be presented as a GIFT to your loved ones for whom you care a lot.


  • Innovative design can reach hard-to-reach and hidden interdental spaces without injuring the gums
  • Clinically tested and verified faster dental cleaning solution
  • It takes less than a minute to clean the hard to reach areas between your teeth
  • Effective cleaning of interdental spaces and could be used on bridges, implants, crowns, and fixed braces 
  • Comfortable to grip, and easy to use, the material is of high quality and hygienic 
  • The set includes 1 holder and 3 brushes of different sizes
  • Can be a useful GIFT for the person with dental situations


  • Material: ABS

Package Includes:

  • 1 X  Interdental Brush Set (1 Holder + 3 Brushes)

“Ships From US”

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