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CoreWorkout Adjustable Resistance Bands Kit

$99.95 $74.95

For Fitness Freaks with Flat 30% OFF :woman-lifting-weights:

Staying healthy is highly important for a person’s well being. Fit body shape cannot be achieved by only having a balanced diet, it requires going to the gym and exercising regularly. However, many of us skip gym days due to busy days or being too expensive. Our CoreWorkout Adjustable Resistance Bands Kit allows you to work out in the comfort of your home and maintain a fit lifestyle.

The Kit mainly focuses on building complete upper body strength and stabilizes shoulders. It has various sets of equipment that assist in training. The Push-up Resistant Strap helps in chest expansion with its 3 resistance straps and provides a firm grip to the hands due to the anti-slip rubber handles. The pressure-releasing cushion in the middle allows people to workout comfortably especially doing hard pushups and carrying out bench press techniques. The Individual Resistance Straps have metallic buckles on each end that can be attached to any training equipment for push-ups, squats, lunges, dips, bicep, triceps & more. The Multifunctional Rod is thick with soft rubber handles and allows you to attach different resistant straps with its rings on either end. The Ankle Cuffs and the Door Anchor have double D-rings with nylon straps that give a strong grasp when attached to the resistant straps.  The Push-up Stands to maintain the correct angle while exercising your push-ups.

It is the perfect GIFT for people who are fitness freaks or those who like to maintain fit body shape.


  • The kit is adjustable according to the requirement of the body structure
  • Works on complete upper body strength
  • The various training equipment available can be used to workout squats or any other effective push-up exercise
  • The bands are made of latex and are incredibly stretchable. Good elasticity allows them to spring back and forth efficiently while exercising
  • The sleeves on the resistance tubes prevent them from being slippery and avoid any injury while exercising
  • The handles are soft and made from rubber, which is anti-sweat and gives a strong grip
  • The double D-rings and metallic buckle ensures stability and safe clutch onto the resistant straps
  • Perfect gift for people who like to remain fit and healthy


  • Material: Latex Tubes, Rubber Handles, Steel Rod
  • Color: Blue, Rose
  • Variant options: Push-up Resistance Strap, Resistance Strap with Rod, Resistance Strap with Push-up Stands, Complete Kit (Push-up Resistance Strap with Multifunctional Rod, Individual Resistance Straps and Ankle Cuffs)
  • Equipment Sizes:
Equipment Size
Push-up Resistant Strap 85 – 230 cm
Multifunctional Rod 96 cm
Individual Resistant Straps 63 cm
Push-up Stands 25 mm thick


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