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CleanAll Pool Cleaning Tablets

$70.95 $49.95


Clean Swimming with Flat 30% OFF :woman-swimming:

Hot summer is coming which means pool parties will be ON. Pool water can be contaminated and dangerous to jump in as it might contain bacteria and other germs that might cause severe health issues. Further cleaning pool water on a daily basis is also a big problem, but not more.

Our CleanAll™ Pool Cleaning Tablets will now take care of your pool water and make it clean and bacteria-free. It has the 3x slow dissolving ability that makes it long last in your pool and keeps the water clean every time you wanted to jump in. 1 Tab usually lasts for more than one week and it keeps all the germs, bacteria, and other microbes away from your family and doesn’t harm the skin. You can also share it with your loved ones as a GIFT to make sure they swim safely.

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  • 1 tab last for up to one week and keep the water clean and germs free
  • 3x slow dissolving formula that will last longer to keep your family safe from harmful substances present in pool water
  • Clean pool water and make it bacteria free to keep you and your family safe
  • Doesn’t harm your eyes or skin
  • Perfect household pool cleaning tabs, a must-have this summer to keep your pool water clean
  • A perfect Gift for your loved ones this summer


  • Material: Chlorine Tablets
  • Size: 1.6 cm
  • Color: White

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