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Cat Sleeping Bed

$45.95 $29.95

Cat Love Flat 35% OFF :heart_eyes_cat:

Cat is considered to be very royal and moody pets and for them, it is important to have very high-quality food and living stuff. Our Cat Sleeping Bed is a highly comfortable and elite cushion bed for your cat. It is made up of plush fabric which is super soft and provides the best warm sleep to your cat. It is foldable and can be moved from one place to another. You can also GIFT it to your loved ones, who love and own cat as a pet. Now let’s ask your cat, how was your day :cat:


  • High-Quality comfortable material
  • Simple design with smooth soft edges
  • Soft and Fluffy feel
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Waterproof no-slip bottom
  • Cute Pattern Design 
  • Can be presented as a GIFT to pet holder who loves and owns a Cat


  • Material: High-Quality Plush, polyester
  • Size: 38cm x 18cm
  • Color: Skin

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