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Carnivorous Cobra Lily Seeds

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Carnivorous Cobra Lily with Flat 30% OFF

Some pests like Aphids, Wasps, Beetles and Caterpillars can cause severe damage to your beloved garden by eating everything that comes in their path! Now get rid of these bugs while enhancing your garden’s beauty with The ‘Carnivorous Cobra Lilies’. These Cobra Lilies are a carnivore. Just like the Venus Fly Trap, it generates energy by eating small bugs. It is easy to plant as it likes cold weather, which can be artificially created by watering it regularly or by merely putting ice cubes on its roots. Just make sure to place it in light shade for its healthy growth. The plant gets its name from the shape of its leaves. The Cobra lilies range from yellow or light green to purple complete with awesome looking fangs!

It is a perfect gift for plant lovers that want to preserve their lovely garden from annoying pests.


  • A pack of 10 Carnivorous Cobra Lily Seeds
  • Cobra Lily is a carnivorous plant that eats small bugs and insects to get the essential nutrients to survive
  • It is easy to plant, that likes cold weather which can be replicated by watering it regularly or by periodically adding ice on its roots
  • Place it under Light Shade to ensure it gets the required light to grow healthily
  • It comes in 3 beautiful colors
  • A perfect gift for your dear ones that adore gardening



  • Common Name: California Pitcher Plant or Cobra Plant
  • Scientific Name:  Darlingtonia Californica
  • Color: Greenish Yellow with Magenta Flowers
  • Plantation Time: Outdoors after frost or Indoors weeks before last frost
  • Plant Height (in): 18 in – 24 in
  • Spacing Between Plants (in): 15 in- 18 in
  • Light Requirements: Light Shade
  • Soil & Water Preferences: High 
  • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Summer
  • Quantity: 10 seeds

Package Includes:

1 x Carnivorous Cobra Lily Seeds

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