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Cards Against The Office

$57.95 $29.95


This is a CAH Style Game

Let’s buzz into The Office and run away from our responsibilities for a while! Sound familiar? Bid farewell to all mundane pastimes and get ready to mess about The Office because ‘Ever so often, Jim dies of boredom!’

We present an entertainment-filled pack of game cards for all The Office fans and followers. They are not only exciting to play but also amplify the humor of the season in the most hilarious manner.

Forget about dull trivia questions or dumb charades!

Beat the Dundies puts a funny spin on game cards that result in hearty laughter all across the room. Not only it’s a treat for The Office fanatics, but it can be played by anyone! Isn’t that brilliant!

Are you bored in the house or in the house bored? Step up like Stanley and don’t ‘stutter’ in ordering these enjoyable game cards!

The game is simple to play and consists of 80 black and 210 white cards. The game cards carry iconic dialogues and one-liners from The Office.

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