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Car Track Unisex T-Shirt


Fun Time with Kids, & Relax Now Flat 30% OFF :sunglasses: 

Children are always close to their fathers. They always want to play with them in a hilarious way. They jump on their father, play with their hair, hug them, lay down with them, and the best part is that they always want to race them. Our Car Track Unisex T-shirt is specially made to amuse kids in a very fun way. Kids can race on track printed on their father’s T-shirt and win the race. It can also be an option for fathers to relax as the moving wheels of kids’ cars will act as a massage and help relax the muscles. The shirt also teaches them basic rules of driving. It also has a police station, fuel pump, parks, and shop. It is the most fun way to engage your kids during quarantine days.


  • Classic fit with unique print to engage your kids
  • Unisex can be worn by male and female
  • 100% Cotton
  • The cotton material of the T-shirt provides extreme comfort and gives a soft smooth touch while wearing
  • Light fabric
  • A fun way to engage your kids during the quarantine days


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size (Inches): S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

“Ships From US”

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