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CanineCare -Dog Toothbrush

$34.45 $23.95


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Regular dental cleaning is vital for your dog’s overall health as dental care can prevent gum diseases and tartar buildup for dogs Just like humans. We bring you CanineCare™ -Dog Toothbrush which isn’t like a regular toothbrush that your dog usually avoids. It is made of non-toxic rubber, which is like a regular chew toy and it provides excellent cleaning to your dog’s teeth. This natural rubber stick is surrounded by bristles that work deeper into your dog’s mouth. Just give this to your dog as a regular toy and move the rope to and fro, which he will actually enjoy.

This toothbrush will be an interactive and enjoyable exercise for your dog. It is a cleverly designed product that does a phenomenal job of cleaning teeth; all dogs need to do is play with it for five minutes or so. It can also be an Amazing Gift to all your dog-owning pals.


Product Features:

  • Made of rubber, which is non-toxic and environment-friendly
  • The bristles are made with durable and strong material that doesn’t get soften over time
  • Durable & strong, that does not break with strong biting force
  • Perfect for protecting your dog’s gums
  • Easy to clean
  • Protects your pet from oral diseases
  • A very useful Gift for dog keeping friends and family members


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 12.5×12.5x6cm

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