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Limited Edition Cards Against Potter

$59.95 $39.95

Christmas Special Now Flat 30% OFF :black_heart:  (Limited Edition! Available for a Limited Time)

This is the original, highly anticipated, incredibly offensive, hilariously funny (and VERY unofficial) Potter themed edition of the game. This is the full version of Cards Against Potter! It contains 252 total cards (54 black cards, 198 white cards, and both the black and white backs). With so many cards, it’s designed to be used as a stand alone game, but it would work quite nicely with your other decks as well.

This game is a must for all Potter fans with an evil sense of humor. It guaranteess to bring hours of laughs! You don’t want to miss out on owning this game if you are a fan!


Reinstate the wonderful scenes from the books and movies and put a great laughter show among friends with the funny answers this Christmas :santa: What could be a perfect Christmas Gift other than these cards :christmas_tree:

1000% FUN Guaranteed

LIMITED STOCK! Get it Before We Run Out Of Stock!

  • These cards will create memories that will stay with you all your lifetime.
  • It is a perfect Christmas Gift for your loved ones
  • As you would expect (and hope for!) this is very much an M18 game.
  • ​These are meant to bring great joy to and make unforgettable memories that’ll stay with you forever.

Please Note: Due to the huge demand and very few quantities available this item has a processing time of 2 week

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