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BraceTheFace Anti-Contagion Shielding Hat


 Protection with Flat 30% OFF :hugging_face:

BraceTheFace™ Anti-Contagion Shielding Hat ensures to guard you against all kinds of microbes or any other pollutants that can enter through the mouth, nose or eyes. The hat is convenient to wear and the wide mask attached to it shields your face from all sides. The mask is made from TPU material, which is environment friendly and resistant to any scratches or liquid. While other facemasks only cover your mouth and nose, the shielding hat provides complete coverage and frames your entire face with its bezel design. It keeps you safe from dust, strong winds, pollutants in the air, insects and of course invisible bacteria or microbes. You can have a stroll or go for grocery shopping and be protected against coughs or sneezes around you. It would be the most considerable gift for your friends and family. Available for both kids and adults. Refer to the size chart below for your head size.


  • Wind, dust, waterproof, protects from bacteria in the air, pollen, and pollutants
  • Brilliant full-coverage of face guarding eyes, nose, and mouth against all sides
  • Has a transparent brim that does not block your view
  • Easily reusable and can be washed with water and an alcohol-containing disinfectant
  • Best gift for your loved ones, friends or family


  • Material: TPU, Cotton
  • Color: Black, Peach pink, Khaki
  • Size 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x BraceTheFace™ Anti-Contagion Shielding Hat


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