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Bottle Opener Cap Launcher

$20.50 $19.95

Bottle Cap Launcher with Flat 30% OFF:sunglasses: 

Turn the simple act of opening bottles into a fun and exciting shooting game. Use our Bottle Opener Cap Launcher and imagine yourself as a remarkable basketball player to aim for the bin.

This Bottle Cap Opener works through a basic stretch and ejects mechanism. Just pull the slider backward, open the bottle and pull the trigger. Zoom! There goes the bottle cap! The cap remains tightly secure by the metal magnet until the trigger is pulled. It is an innovative design for cap openers. It serves incredibly well at family parties or friend hangouts to break the ice. It could turn into a game involving everyone. It is a wonderful gadget and a toy that can make your boring activity of opening bottles more exciting. It is the perfect gift for people who frequently open bottles using an ordinary bottle opener. Gift them and make bottle opening a fun activity.


  • Now open bottle caps in style with this awesome bottle opener launcher
  • Innovative design to make your bottle opening more fun and exciting
  • Basic stretch and eject mechanism
  • Fun activity as you can enhance your aiming skills by aiming the launcher at the bin
  • The metal magnet keeps the cap safe and in position until fired
  • A perfect gift for people hosting parties or those who frequently open bottles using an ordinary bottle opener.


  • Material: ABS, Metal Magnet
  • Color: Red, Blue, Black, Gray
  • Size: 125 x 60 mm

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