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BiteHelper Instant Itch Neutralizer

$70.95 $49.95

No More Itching with Flat 30% OFF

Mosquito bites are irritating, but not just irritating it also cause health issue that is unseen and is inside our body. Continuous itching is a sign of an infection that is happening in our body. No more itching now with our BiteHelper Instant Itch Neutralizer, a CES Innovation award-winning product that is medically tested and approved solution that not only just prevents itching but also makes sure you won’t get the infection inside your body.

Its thermos-pulse technology won’t allow the bacteria released in the bloodstream due to mosquito bites, and instantly heal it and prevent itching. It uses less battery and you just need to change the batteries when needed and it is ready to go again and again. Simply press the button and place the neutralizer over the itching part and see the magic happens both physically and internally with this advanced technology that is made to keep you and your family safe. Get one and GIFT it to your loved ones.


  • Prevent itching caused by mosquito bites and other bugs instantly
  • Easy to use, just press the button and place the device on the itching part of the body
  • Thermo-pulse technology prevents itching caused by bug bite
  • The device is powered by the batteries and is reusable and keep you and your family safer for years
  • Completely tested and medically approved. save to use solution for mosquito bite itching
  • Can be presented as a GIFT to your loved ones


  • Material: Plastic body
  • Size: 6in (Length) x 1.2in (Width) x 1in (Breadth)
  • Color: Black

“Ships From US”

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