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Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

$57.50 $39.95

Efficient & Safe Knife Sharpener with Flat 30% OFF :knife: 

Having a blunt knife for kitchen work is always frustrating. A knife having a dull blade does not cut properly and spoils the vegetable, fruits, meat, or any other food item. It takes up your energy and patience and even then does not give better results. Traditional knife sharpeners don’t sharpen the blade to a razor-sharp level. They have dangerous setups and designs that might harm your hands/fingers in the process. Don’t worry! Now use our  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener that provides a precise and razor cutting edge to any of your knives.

This Knife Sharpener comprises of two independent, abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide arms in the middle that operate through spring action. As soon as any dull knife is slid through the spring arms a few times, it sharpens the blade within seconds. Traditional knife sharpeners destroy the edging shape of your knife by grinding them. With our Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener contours the shape of your knife while making them sharp. It even polishes and hones serrated knives, steak knives, cleavers, etc. It has a polished stainless steel frame, which is easy to clean and rust-free. Our Knife Sharpener has a base stand that makes it convenient to be placed anywhere and allows you to sharpen your knives without holding it and harming your fingers.
It is the perfect gift for everyone to have an effective kitchen tool in their house that safely sharpens the knife within no time.


  • Avoids the problems of consistent blunt knives in the kitchen and using traditional sharpener that is dangerous to use
  • Bavarian Edge design for effective sharpening
  • Has two independent, abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide arms with spring action
  • Sharpens the blade within seconds and contours the shape of your knife
  • Polishes and hones serrated knife, steak knife, cleavers, etc.
  • The flat base helps the Sharpener to stand and can be placed anywhere
  • It sharpens the knife without any effort or harming your fingers
  • A perfect gift for everyone for an effective kitchen tool


  • Material: 430 Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

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