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Arc Reactor Wireless Charger and Stand

$59.95 $49.95

For the Love of Iron Man save FLAT 30% OFF

For the love or Iron man fans now they can charge their phones with the heart of iron man Arc reactor. Feel full energy filled with love in you mobile phone.

Our Iron-Man Arc Reactor Wireless Charger Stand is a convertible wireless stand and charger that can be used as a phone holder and charger at the same time. It has a non-slip charging pad that won’t allow your mobile to get slipped from the surface. There are two connecting ports micro-USB and Type-c which can be plugged in very easily. Just place your phone on the larger coil charging pad or convert it into a stand which allows you to use your phone while charging. Its smart functionality won’t allow the phone to get overheat or overcharged. Get all these features in one charging pad with Iron man exclusive Arc reactor design which glows while connected. You can also GIFT it to your loved ones to share the love of 3000 and more.


  • Innovative design of Arc Reactor from Iron Man, it looks very good when placed empty look just like the heart of Tony Stark
  • It support both IPhone and android mobile devices
  • It promotes fast charging of 10W by the mean of large coil
  • You can also adjust you mobile on it both vertically and horizontally during charging and watch movies and more
  • It works as both wireless charger and looks dope when placed on table
  • The circular charging pad is silicon (non-slip) material that make sure your phone do not gets slipped while charging
  • It protects your phone from any damage that can happen during charging like overheating, overcharging, short-circuit, over current
  • There are two connecting port types in it one is Type-c and the other one is Micro-USB
  • You can also GIFT it to your friend, family or any other loved one on any occasion


Material: Aluminum Alloy, Tempered Glass, PC+ non-slip silicon

Color: Red

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