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Anti-Virus Facial Masks

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Your face is the most sensitive part when we talk about getting affected by this deadly outbreak. These days it is important to keep yourself safe from harmful viruses rather than taking medication later or even losing your life. To prevent yourself from viruses and bacteria present in the air, or through direct contact, the first step is to cover your face with the mask. Our Anti-Virus Facial Masks are made just to keep you safe in any condition. It is made up of soft and lightweight medical-grade fiber fabric. With nose tip shaping and elastic grip bands, it provides full safety from all ends. It will not allow any microbes like viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc. to enter into your system either through nostrils or mouth as it has 3 layers protection. Available in 10PCS and 50PCS pack, get one and share it with your loved ones as well.


  • Medical Grade Fiber do not allow any germ, bacteria, or microbes to pass-through
  • 3 layers fiber to protect you throughly
  • The hypoallergenic high filtration fiber material will protect you in all conditions
  • Cover your half face to provide you complete protection
  • Elastic ear-loops with no pressure to the ears
  • Provide protection against viruses, and many other germs and bacteria


  • Color: Light Bluish-Green
  • Set(s): 10PCS, 50PCS
  • Size: 17cm (length) x 9.2cm (width)

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