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Acupressure Mat and Pillow

$66.34 $49.95

For Your Health Flat 25% OFF:female-doctor: 

Are you suffering from insomnia, back pain or fatigue, and cannot visit physiotherapist every week and you are looking for a solution to make your life easy? Introducing Acupressure Mat and Pillow. Our body pillow and mat massager with soft pressure spikes placed on it will provide you the maximum comfort you can imagine off. Spikes are made up of soft material to apply pressure at a certain point. It helps in regulating the body’s blood flow and induce happiness, relaxation and energy healing magically. It is recommended to be used for at least 10-20 minutes daily. A perfect GIFT for your loved ones who needs this.


  • Relieve stress, muscle pain, and tensions
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Help in reducing insomnia, back pain, and fatigue
  • 6210 acupressure points help in releasing of endorphin hormones which induce calmness
  • Increase Energy Level of body
  • Low-cost medical solutions to the problems for a happy life
  • Soft spikes to safe skin from wounds and scratches
  • Doctors recommended
  • Mat is capable of targeting curved areas such as neck, feet, and lumber
  • Help in relieving chronic pain, improve posture imbalance. Restore flexibility of shoulders and neck muscles
  • A healthy gift for your loved ones


  • Material: Cotton + Sponge + Plastic
  • Mat Size: 27*16.5 Inches (67*42 cm)
  • Pillow Size: 14.5 * 5.7 * 4 inches (37*14.5*10 cm)
  • Colors: Grass Green, Dark Green, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple

Best for:

  • Yoga practitioner
  • Dancers
  • Elders
  • Mid-age suffering from muscles tension problem(s)


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