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60 Minute Puppy Timer for Cooking

$35.95 $24.95

Fun Cooking with Flat 30 % OFF :cooking:

Timing is very important in cooking and having a timer is an essential tool for the kitchen especially when you are baking or want to cook something for the required time to save nutrition. Our 60 Minute Puppy Timer for Cooking is not just an ordinary timer but a timer with a beautiful and cute looking Puppy design. It is a mechanical timer which do not need any power supply to work, it is easy to use. You just have to set time as per your requirement on the time scale given on the timer by rotating it, and the dog will notify you when then time is up. A perfect Gift for cooking, or baking lovers. A must-have for your kitchen.


  • High-quality durable ABS material
  • Small cute dog shape and available in different color and design
  • Mechanical transmission, need no power supply to run
  • You can set the timer up to 60mins
  • Easy to use, turn the timer and set as per your need and when the time is up, dog timer is there to notify you
  • A perfect GIFT for your loved ones who love cooking, or baking


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 7cm (Length) x 6.5cm (Width)
  • Color: Gray, Brown, Khaki

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