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3D Window Privacy Film

$28.50 $19.95

Window Privacy Film Now Flat 30% OFF :sunglasses:

Windows Privacy is important at home or office. Ordinary Window Covers can help but it covers all the windows and does not allow light to pass. Further, they also look simple and affect your room decor.

Not now, use our 3D Window Privacy Film. It is easy to paste, and remove. In addition to its privacy factor, it looks beautiful on your window and enhances the décor of your room. The texture changes its color depending upon the weather and time. With the bright sun, it looks like a rainbow with changing colors and looks plain lite grey when there is dark outside. It not only provides visible privacy to the inner house but also blocks the UV rays that might make your furniture colors fade away in much less time than you have expected. A must-have and a Perfect Gift for your loved ones.


  • Beautiful look and texture that will complement the décor of your home
  • No adhesive, glue-free design leaves no residue after removal
  • UV light protection will keep your inner home safe from UV Radiations
  • Make Rainbow effect inside the house when light passes through it
  • Provide privacy by blocking the transparency between inside and outside the house
  • Heat insulation keep your place chill and help you save Air Conditioner cost
  • A must-have and a Perfect Gift for your loved ones.


  • Size: 50 cm (Width) x 100 cm (Height)
  • Color: Rainbow 

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