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$56.95 $39.95

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Deadly diseases, FLU, Germs is all by what we are surrounded these days. Especially when there are life-threatening germs everywhere, and many other viruses use polluted air, and skin contact as a medium of transmission in many cases. The question is WHAT CAN WE DO to prevent ourselves from these deadly viruses and pollutants that cause us serious health hazards & even death?

Our 360° USB WEARABLE AIR PURIFIER releases negative ion in the air that KILLS every dangerous virus & bacteria that surrounds you. It is the best solution to keep the surrounding air that you breathe, clean, fresh, & bacteria-free, so you may not get affected by these unknown deadly viruses that have taken more than 3,000 lives and 92,000+ confirmed cases. It is a rechargeable portable air purifier with 20 Hrs backup time. You can wear it on your neck, or you can keep it in your pocket all the time whenever you are out in public. It has a dual-tone LED acknowledgment system to understand when it turns ON and OFF.  Its a serious issue and everyone is in need of this life-saving product.

You should buy this Now because it:

  • Release negative ions in the air to remove harmful bacteria, remove smog and more dangerous gasses
  • Up to 20 hours long protection
  • Portable and easy to carry because of small size. Wearable on neck
  • One button operation & easy to use
  • LED dual color acknowledgment system
  • Promote healthy air around you by removing PM2.5, kill germs and purify the air, and even absorbs smoke around you in seconds
  • USB charging capability
  • A responsible GIFT for your family, friends and loved ones these days


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size:4 inches (Height) x 2.2 inches (width) x 0.7inches (breadth)
  • Color: White,Black

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